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Mrs. Steinmetz

I was just reading the winners and nominees list from the 1975 Golden Globe Awards (yeah, I know) and found that Helen Hayes was nominated for Best Actress in a Musical/Comedy for the 1974 sequel to ‘The Love Bug’, ‘Herbie Rides Again’ — how cool is that?
She was still riding high from her Oscar win in 1970 for her classic performance in ‘Airport’ and being the Grand Dame of the theater, she really didn’t take many movie roles so whenever she did appear on film in her laterĀ years, people took notice. But she was also really good in ‘Herbie’ — she had great comic timing and was absolutely adorable as Mrs. Steinmetz (see attached clip). Raquel Welch won that year for her comic turn in ‘The Three Musketeers’ and deservedly so (she was great in that — probably the best thing she’s ever done) but the fact that Hayes’ performance was remembered during award season warms my heart.

Mrs. Steinmetz clip

The complete list of nominees and winners from 40 years ago:


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