The Apple of Our Eye

Today marks the tenth year since my Mom’s passing. The phrase, ‘time heals all wounds’ is not necessarily true. It diminishes some of the pain for most of the time but that pain can come back and feel as it did when it was first experienced. January 8th is a day when the pain comes back. Part of me feels that the years have passed so fast and another part makes me feel that it’s been 100 hundred years since I heard her voice, saw her smile or felt her hug.

Mom had three eulogies at her funeral — one given by my brother, one by the pastor at her local church and one by a family friend, Sister Jon Julie Sullivan. Sr. Jon is a nun who works in the Boston area — I don’t think I have ever seen her in the traditional nun’s habit — she is what some would call a progressive nun and has worked diligently for social causes for over 40 years. Sr. Jon has always been a source of inspiration and comfort and humor for our family and we were blessed to have her speak.

Although prepared, Sr. Jon’s eulogy seemed natural and unrehearsed. She gathered anecdotes from friends and family beforehand and inserted her own memories. She had brought a large red apple with her to the podium and used it to emphasize the last section of her speech by placing it on Mom’s casket. It was a simple, beautiful and heartfelt gesture.

Mom was definitely the apple of our eye — my Dad, sister and brother, as all that knew Mom in any form, were and are continually blessed to have had her in our lives. I miss her greatly but am forever changed and grateful to have known her and to be her son.

I had forgotten that I had the below copy of her eulogy until recently. I thought I would share it in remembering Mom today.







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One response to “The Apple of Our Eye

  1. Chip

    I remember her so fondly.
    I smile at my memory of her.
    I cry in her honor.

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